What is Your Web Base ?

Your Web Base is created to give all people a possibility to make money for free.  A way to change the cashflow….

When the internet was new, very few people understood how to generate money with it. But those who did understand took full advantage and built themselves a fortune from it.

Because most people still don´t understand that billions of dollars is made because they use the internet, the fortune still goes to very few people.

1 % of the people in the world own more then 50% of the money in the world….. that is not a fair share!

We have enough money in the world to let everyone live a good life, but when we don´t do anything to change the inequality the gap between poor and rich increase by the day.

Your Web Base want to change this! It was created and handed over to us, the people.  It is set up to generate an unlimited amount of cash…. unlimited!!

We all need this proven businessmodel!

Everyone knows that big free platforms make millions because we use their platforms on a more or less daily basis.

The platforms can  be social networks, a game, a photosharing site or whatever, as long as it is of interest for a huge amount of people it is proven to generate huge amounts of dollars to the owners.


Because the advertising agencys always want to find a large base of people to put their clients ads in front of. And they pay very much to a platform with a huge member/user base, the larger userbase the more the agencys pay per user.

The only people getting rich is the owners of the platforms, but it is we the users who are the reason they are getting paid.

We can change that if we just do as they do but share the wealth. We already know the businessmodel works because they have proved it many times. Let us unite in a platform that will give us shares of the profit!

It is proven and free ofcourse…. the only thing needed is people as we said in the beginning….. the more members the more the advertising agencys pay per person.

So get in and make sure all your friends follow you to the platform!!

It is no guessing if this generate money or not…it is a proven businessmodel so we know if people come, the money come.

 So be part of building this amazing idea of sharing : Registration