Your web base – work from home

Work from home with YWB – your web base

I see so many people who want to work from home but when the actual work comes to the table they don´t do it. Wonder why…

No company gives away large amounts of money just because you register with them, maybe a little gift but not big enough to make a living on it

I see no reason for people to not register with YWB, it is easy and free

Build you own group of people by inviting them to your web base, it is a nice gift just like you are giving away a winningticket from a lottery. And everyone want the winning one!

The woman who built the platforms where we will build our networks is Jennie Menn and she want to help people earn money without spending any.

If you understand how internet works you know advertizing is the biggest moneymaker online. FB, google, twitter well all the big free platforms are making billions because we are using their free platforms and make sure more people get invited/recommended by us to use it. When they can show ads to hundreds of thousands of people they can charge huge amounts…

People build networks online all the time without thinking about it. every person you ever invited or recommended to anything online is in your network and that is why you are valuable to free platforms… you invite, recommend, like and share stuff all the time without getting paid. You are doing a great job for these free porms and they make good money. So Jennie decided to make a free platform and all who signs up tell their friends and so on like we always do then we will be as valuable as any other platform.. The diffrence  when we are a big base the income is distributed to our own networks… if you have a network of only 2 people you get less then a person with 10 people , but anyway 100% more then for what example fb paying you for helping them earn billions

some people think this is about pennies they are so wrong, this is about really large sums of money if we invite more people to this amazing moneymaking platform.

Do not procrastinate .. invite your friends before someone else does

YWB Registration:  

Register there first and then go to google play app store with your smartphone and install the app ” your web base ” it is a spiderweb pic on the app. Use the same username when you register in the app as you did online  put misslenali as sponsor

your web base
your web base

talk to you later via mail / misslenali

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