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Your web base and your web base app

Your web base is a very simple but smart idea… it is so simple so people tend to make it complicated because they don´t think it can be that easy.

So forget about your web base for a moment and just focus on the idea:

Big corporations use a advertising agency to help them get their ads out to as many people as possible.
the advertising agency search for platforms with much activity and many people visiting daily. when they find those platforms they make an agreement with the owner so the ads will be shown at the platform for a procentage of the money the agency gets from the big comany.( ex. agency 30% and 70% to the platform)
This is how most of the free platforms earn their billions and the users of the platforms never pay anything

so how did those platforms get their users? did fb and google write us all and invited us to use their platforms? No… it is us (the users) who spread the word around and got all the people to the platforms. 

And the same thing with games… I get candy crush invites daily, but not from candy crush … they come from friends who are playing and want me to join. They are the people making sure the platform grow.

Every platform was once upon a time brand new and had no users at all!

the idea of making a free platform – let people come in and do what they usually do (talk to others about it) and when it has grown to a big platform ; make an agreement with an advertising agency and start earning money is a proven form of income …

that we all can agree on

The cool part is your web base

They take this proven income idea and made it a win/win opportunity.

They build free platforms and make ways to spread their revenue to the people in their base.

So let us help them build a big base of people so they can start generate income…. for when they do and you are one of the people helping them grow…..  🙂 chanses are you will be very happy

ywb teamleader

yourwebbase app
yourwebbase app