The income sources

Let me explain the income sources I want you to know about.

This is diffrent from anything else so clear your mind.

For years we all worked online without even knowing we did.

Everyday we surf the net, chat with our friends and post our photos and share others great stuff and so on….

those activities generate money to the owner of the platforms we are using.

That is ok, they making the money when we are doing “the work” is a great business for them

But now things are about to change….

Many people started to think that all the billion dollars that our time online generate should not go to only a few persons, it should be shared with active users.

So now we will see more and more of platforms that in one way or another will share their revenues.

And that is great and it should be in all peoples agenda to support those companies.

They give you a free platform to use + share the revenue your time on their site generate! Amazing!

So we have a site that collect these great platforms and income sources: here

income sources

income sources

you can see more about them on this page:

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