A trafficexchange with SEO traffic

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There are over 1 Billion Websites online.
If you want to make money from your website and sell your product or service, you don’t just need a good website.
You don’t just need good support or a good product.
Regardless of how good those things are or how much you have spent, it means nothing without traffic to your website.
Unlike a traditional business in the real world, people won’t just stumble upon on your site.
All websites need traffic in order to be ranked high enough in the Search Engines for anyone to see them.
There are a few ways to get traffic to your site:
*You can hire an SEO Expert to get your site listed higher in the Search Engines.
This is very expensive & there is no guarantee.
Search Engines are also always changing their Algorithms and when they do your site will go back down.
*Another option to get Traffic is Pay Per Click Advertising.
This is the most common way to get traffic however, it is very expensive and has a lot of fraud.
With Pay Per Click you pay to have your ad placed on other websites.
You only pay when people click your ad.
The Website owner gets paid 70% or more of the price you pay per click.
However, even the biggest online advertising companies have settled lawsuits for millions of dollars for click fraud.
Both the Site owners and the Ad company have an incentive to find ways to click the ads without the seller finding out.
It is important to note that less than 1% of people who buy a product, do so on the first contact.
That does not mean 1% of those who click your ad will buy your product, it is actually much lower.
You might be asking why people would do Pay Per Click Advertising then?
That is because the traffic will get your site to the top of the Search Engines and that is where the majority of Online Sales come from.
*But there is a better and cheaper way to do it.
Introducing Just Ten Time.
Just Ten Time attracts Traffic cheaper and better than Pay Per Click Advertising.
The kind of Traffic you need to get to The Top of the Search Engines needs to be people who actually click on your website not just the ad.
If too many visitors don’t click on your site, it will drive your site down.
If someone visits your Site but does not click anything, that is called a bounce. Bounces are bad, they drive your site down.
If they click on your site that is a non-bounce. That is good.
Every single visitor who clicks on your site helps drive it up.
With PPC some will click, some won’t but you pay the same regardless.
Also if you want to increase your Traffic quickly with PPC, you can’t.
Just Ten Time is another way to get traffic to your site.
It costs a fraction of the cost of PPC.
And you can buy it or you can earn it free, which is not possible with PPC.
Your Site will be seen by real people and not just one page but at least 2 of them.
You get 100% guaranteed bounce free traffic.
That is something no one else can offer or guarantee.
They will also actually look at your site and ads.
How do we know for sure?
Because 100% of our viewers are small to medium size business owners who also have a website they want traffic for.
They earn credits for looking at sites, that they can use for their own site.
Most are also looking to make more money to help their business grow.
At Just Ten Time we mix special Websites, Banners and Text Ads in with real ones.
We hide revenueshares somewhere in the ads and that allow viewers a chance to win Revenue Shares.

Those revenueshares let the viewer earn a portion of the Ad Revenue from Just Ten Time.
For that to be possible, they need to pay attention to all the ads.
There is not another form of advertising anywhere, where advertisers can
ensure that their ads are actually being viewed with attention by real people.
This will help you get to the top of the search engines

Free to join so check it here: JustTenTime