play for change

You want to see this…!!

play for change
play for change

This is so easy…..
1.If you only want to play and win money: JUST PLAY!!

it is no diffrent from any other game beside you can win money.

Download it here:

Write misslenali as your inviter

2. You both want to earn and win money…. play and tell others to join under your username and you get 10% of all their winnings !! easy
You need one more app to see your team but it is still very easy.

Ask me and I will guide you!!


 If you want some more info: http://sweetsugarsmackdown

First prize is $25000 and ofcourse I want to win them 😉

but because of this bonus system where I get 10% of my teams winning I really hope everyone in my team win something….. the game has 1050 prizes, so jump in today!