online business partners

Why do I think it is a great idea to partner with others online ?

To build a solid business online takes time. You need to build a brand name that get good reputation because it is honest and helpful. To be present all times is full time work. So if I am alone it will take much longer time… if we are 5-10 people with the same goal we can move forward much quicker…. 5 peoples work compared to 1 persons work is totally mind blowing. One can focus on SEO blogging, one can focus on forums, one on social media, one on MLM network platforms and one on the building of a site with high speed and right layout. And if we double that to 10 people….. can you imagine?

So far nobody answered my request to get a partner. I don´t give up 🙂 I really think this is a great idea.

serious online business partner

Most people want free money from something they sign up for online and when that not work they sign up for something else…. and something else and something else….

So if we can provide the real solution with legal and paying businesses online they will return to us even if they didn´t like the working part from the beginning. In the end we will win.

I have no hurry to find the right partners and I will never accept a partner with the mind of a “get rich quick” scammer. I want this to be solid and work for the long term. I see on google analytics that people are looking but they don´t write anything…. so it will stay in the back of their heads for awhile and maybe later they contact me and say they like this idea 😉

You might think I am crazy telling the world that nobody answered my request for a partner and maybe you are right. But for me the only thing that matter is for you to understand that I am serious. Even if I am not so good at english my head is totally clear on how this will work in the future…. it will be the best resource site for online networking and we will have loads of requests for information about things we know and can give good answers to. If we don´t know we learn and answer when we do know 🙂

If the mind is set on helping others to succeed we will succeed ourselfes.

Thank you for reading this post

Lena Li