network marketing online – residual income

Is network marketing online the answer to build

residual passive income?

Residual income derives from sources you don’t have to work for or better explained income that continues to be generated after the initial effort has been expended. Network marketing is one model to make that kind of money. The money is not given to you in exchange for hours spent, they are given in percent of the salesvolume you generated when you got a new costumer to the company.

Whenever the person you presented to the company or someone they refered make a purchase you will get paid wherever you are…. that is passive income, you can be asleep or on vacation when the transactions are made it does not matter, you will be paid.

The key idea here is leverage. Network marketing uses a leveraged business model, where you are paid not only for your production, but you also profit from the production of your whole sales team.   As your sales organization and sales volume grow over time, your residual income will grow with it. You are the speaksperson for a great product and the company reward you for the sales  everyone that is connected to your company link make. And because network marketing create income in several levels you also get paid when your referal refer someone that also buy the product – that is why they call it multilevel marketing (direct selling).

Residual income means you do not have to work?

Many people talk about passive income and create the impression that you never have to do anything to keep that income going. The truth is that you will normally have to keep your eye on things if you want your network marketing team to grow and be solid. To make a business online with MLM companies (direct selling companies) you need to work but the income is not based on the time you put in but on the sales volume the team produce…. so network marketing online can or can´t be the way for you to get residual passive income, it still depend on you.

For those that can see the benefits in the long run and are in love with the product, MLM is easy. For people that have no interest in other peoples success and just look for an easy way to profit, MLM is doomed.

Internet made it very tempting to do network marketing online. Before internet all network marketers showed the product for family and friends in the neighborhood until they got fed up. But since internet came no one has to nag neighbors and friends, we can simply target those who are searching for a good network marketing business all over the globe and can leave those not interested persons alone 🙂 everyone is happy.

Network marketing online will be the answer to residual passive income if you believe in it and work for it.


network marketing - residual income
network marketing – residual income