money for nothing YWB

Many people want money for nothing YWB is as close as you get.

A company makes games, place ads in them and pay the ad revenue as prizes in the games.

That is great but it doesn´t stop there….. they also give you 10% of your friends winnings as a thank you for inviting your friends and grow the game.

Nothing can be easier and because it is free forever it is a nobrainer.

You register here: moneyapp

After registration you download the app and login.

Go to apps and games inside and click on sweet sugar smackdown, install and open.

Click the tournament and login with the emailadress & password you registered in yourwebbase app.

Now play the tournament and show the leaderboard to your friends and tell them to join you.

We need to share this idea with everyone so the game gets loads of players, it will work if we are many and it will not work if we are few…. easy

You have a share button inside yourwebbase (YWB) app so they join from the right link and their account get connected to yours so the company knows who to pay the 10% to.

Come to our fbgroup if you have questions

This is the way to get money for nothing almost 🙂 close enough…. it don´t take long to play