There is almost 300 billion dollar in advertising money in the world.

The advertising agencys want to put their ads where the people spend their time so they get as many views as possible.

We are the people so we can decide where we want to spend our time….

so if we make sure that we and everyone we know spend our time in 7degrees, Sweet sugar smackdown and wowapp…. why?

Because they make ways for us to get a share of the money and not many companies do share their wealth but ywb does ….

We (the people online) can control where the advertising agencys will put the money so of course we must tell the world to join yourwebbase!!!

Sharing wealth is a great thing , it is not a job… it is just to spend time and play games and chat in companies that want to share their adrevenue.

There is much more money then people in the world….. remember that

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