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I say it again: start save your money in gold bullions or coins. Karatbars is a place to both start saving your money in gold AND earn money. Register here: karatbars

To save money every month is something we been told to do since we were kids. To save in fiat currency like paper money is not as smart as to save in gold. So if you open an account in karatbars and start aquire gold every month you are doing yourself a favour.

If you also tell your friends to start save their money in gold and they open an account and start aquire gold you get commissions. So you both save money and earn money at the same time. A better homebased business is hard to find.

Karatbars product line consists of 24K, 999.9%, currency grade, pure gold bullion. This is the only kind of gold all Central Banks and  Governments use

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Karatbars International is a fantastic company located in Germany, a completely legal and fully registered company, regulated by the World Trade Organization and has consistently met or exceeded all guidelines and  laws applicable to the industry. Through its affiliate program, Karatbars International now operates in 123 countries worldwide.

The CEO is Harald Seiz is the man who started the company in 2011.

karatbars CEO
karatbars CEO

The vatican bought and branded 100 kilograms of our gold among many others.

The Vatican is a major financial giant worldwide, they doesn’t get involved with just any company. So you see there are big costumers in karatbars who is not affiliated with them. They buy because they like the product and that is what makes karatbars a legit business.

pope karatbar gold bullion
pope karatbar gold bullion

Karatbars is committed to put gold bullion of the highest quality, into everyones hand in small, practical units as a personal savings plan.

Karatbars provides a unique way for the little guy to save, by offering an alternative to banks and paper money (fiat money).

Let us work together to help others !

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