best MLM and internet marketing

best MLM and internet marketing

MLM-MultiLevelMarketing- have the most attractive compensation plans because they give you commissions in multiple levels – you get paid both for what you sell AND for what your downline sells. Even better is to combine MLM with internet marketing.

To do multilevelmarketing online as an internet marketer opens even more opportunities for you then offline MLM does. You can easily create more income streams by setting up a website/blog about the benefits of your MLM product to get people to your team and on the same site you can show related products (affiliate/your own) , training, tools or even adsense ads.

The best MLM product is the one everyone need. For example internet marketers need their own domain and an autoresponder so those products are very good if you target IMers.

Most important is that you build a list of people interested in the same niche as you. So you need to create a lead magnet. Something so valuable so people give you their email adress to get it. It should be connected to your autoresponder so they get the product/information as soon as they opted in.

The mail list is your biggest treasure so take good care of your list, help them and give great advice. Later on you will have a great product you want them to try and if you have been honest and helpful in the past chanses are good that they trust you and try the product. The list is where most of the promoting  takes place…. the blog is more to get people to the list.

Making a business online takes time so prepare yourself for the work by writing a businessplan and set goals. It sounds boring but it will help you stay on track.

When you know your goals and have a bunch of keywords you want to be found on and your blog is set up with an leadmagnet optinbox: start writing! Spend your first six month doing nothing but writing lots of good content on your keywords. You want to create momentum in the searchengines as soon as possible

Everyone is lazy. So are you, and so am I. That’s why just a little bit of effort to do things just a little bit better goes such a long way. Go the extra mile, and you’ll be rewarded because most of your competitors wont do it.

I mentioned you should set up a website/blog that circle around your MLM and not point directly to the main company. Why?

#1 most MLM companies do not like that their name is used online and you don´t want trouble with the legal department of your MLM company

#2 if you for example write about the benefits of a product you will get readers interested in just that product and that is the best converting visitors. They want the product more then the money!

#3 Multiple income streams from a variety of diffrent sources. Most people wont join your MLM but with good additional products you can get paid anyway

The most difficult part is to be seen online, that is why most people fail in making money via internet, they quit to soon. The only way to not fail is to determine to succeed. It takes time but it is worth it.

best MLM - Li teamwork marketing
best MLM – Li teamwork marketing