best free idea ever

If you have a smartphone you can be smart 😉 best free idea ever

2 options for the same app

  1. download your web base app and play for free but win real cash
  2. increase your chance to win by telling others to do what you do
Right now there is only one app but they are making a couple more right now.
Just install the app in your smartphone and click the game now and then…
when enough people are doing that they start to pay cashprizes to the winner and to the person who invited the winner to the game (so option nr2 above are the best one)

Just go here : instructions

It is smart to download these apps… the gameapps around the world are making between $500 000 – $1 500 000 in profit per day… per day…. so they could have shared a bit of that profit but they didn´t…. so this company “your web base” want to change the balance of money.
Everyone can do this if they have a smartphone and most people have even if they are poor. This cost nothing but gives everyone a chance or many chances if you share the idea with others.

so what are you waiting for: here are the easy steps to follow 

income opportunity
income opportunity