3 Steps To Getting Affiliate Marketing Results

affiliate marketingEvery Affiliate I talk to tells me they want results. Makes sense. When I talk to our Top Affiliates, they want results. When I talk to a brand new Affiliate, they want results. We all want results in our affiliate marketing efforts. The key is in learning how to consistently create results. That word: “create” is a very important word. Successful business people know that success isn’t “found”. It is created by the action steps we take on a consistent basis.

I want to break down for you the 3 steps I believe every one of us should be taking if we want to create results in our business. These are the things I am doing on a consistent basis, myself.

  1. Train Your Mind. Skip this step and none of the other steps will matter. If you want success, you absolutely MUST get your mind right. How do I do this? I attend online and offline training events to increase my knowledge of email marketing, affiliate marketing, and list building as well as overall business and success principles. I read books by and about other successful people.

    It’s all about getting my mind in line with the way other successful people think. There will be tough times. There will be distractions. Life gets busy and things happen. There will be setbacks. Some of the people you thought were going to run with you never take action. Or they quit.This is why you MUST train your mind to stay focused on your goals and the processes that lead to success. Without this step, nothing else will help you. How do you spot someone with a mind trained for success? They aren’t complaining. They aren’t jumping from one program to another. They aren’t making excuses. They are attending webinars. They are reading personal development books. They are constantly learning and contributing.

  2. List Building. Affiliate marketing thrives on list building. I use free and paid traffic resources, advertising resources, traffic exchanges, social media, etc… to constantly build my list of prospects who are LOOKING FOR the kind of information I offer. In this case, I am offering information about email marketing, affiliate marketing, and the TrafficWave autoresponder system. The people I talk to are people who WANT to know more and have requested information.

    A targeted prospect list is an incredibly valuable business asset and should never be overlooked.How do I build my list? All of my advertising and posts direct visitors to my capture page where they can request more information. When they fill out the form, they are added to my list for follow up and they get the requested information. This happens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    By the time I personally hear from someone, they have typically seen my videos, read my information, and may have a few questions. Maybe they just want to see if I’m real and will actually reply to an email. This makes it much easier to talk to them AND helps to disqualify those who are not serious.

  3. Content Creation. When I write articles for my blogs (like the one you are reading now), I will typically focus my content on how to solve a problem. With this blog, the content will typically be about helping businesses use email marketing to grow or about helping people create success with affiliate marketing. The articles are designed to answer questions and provide solutions. Most of the time, my articles will also include an option for visitors to request more information by filling out a form. This takes us back to Step 2.

    Along the way, I get to meet new people, make new contacts, even make new friends, and build my lists. This helps build credibility and good rapport. That leads to sales. Not everybody who reads my content wants to do business with me. But some do. And that is when the fun starts all over again!

Take the time to train your mind, build your lists, and create value in the market place. You will find that you can switch your focus and experience success in your network marketing business that will last for years to come.

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